How to Buy Stadium LED Lights?

Are you planning to buy LED sports lights for your stadium? If so, you must first consider their key specifications to choose the right LED lighting. Especially, you need to pay special attention while going to buy stadium lights. The reason is that the perfect LED lights for your stadium will uplift the ambiance and double up the joy during the match.

Stadium LED Lights Buying Guide

Here is a brief buying guide for stadium LED lights. It will help you buy the perfect LED lights for your stadium. Let’s have a look at it.


Although LED lights promise better quality than other lights, there are different qualities in LED lights too. Various manufacturers of LED lights sell lights with varying qualities. Therefore, it’s vital to do a little research about the company before you buy its LED lights. Look up customer reviews about LED lights or check the company website to see what competitive edge it offers.


LED lights come in different colors, such as cool daylight or warm sunlight, etc. Similarly, the same color also contains different variations of light. In simple words, this is the light’s CTI (Light’s Color Rendering Index). Always try to choose a LED bulb that contains a higher CTI. It is because a higher level of CTI assures that the light would be more compatible with real-life lighting. Moreover, you must also see which color, warm or cool, would go with your space. Based on these things, choosing the right LED sports lights for your stadium would become easy.


Similarly, the stadium LED lights should not be with the highest glare. The lights with the highest glare put stress on the eyes and give rise to discomfort among the viewers/audience. Similarly, the glare should not be too less that the actual sports ground starts looking dull and lifeless. The ideal glare rating factor or GR for a sports stadium is the value of 50 maximum. Too less or too high GR value would negatively impact the viewing and broadcasting of your stadium field.

Beam Angle

Another vital factor to consider while buying LED lights for stadiums is their beam angle. If the lights are too close to each other, you should choose the narrow beam LED lights for the stadium. In contrast, you must choose a wider beam of LED lights if the lights are placed at some distance. It would be the best strategy to assure having the best and complete coverage of your match.

Response Time

Response time is important to consider while buying sports lights. It means how much time a bulb takes to reach its full brightness after turning it on. Make sure you choose the LED lights with the fastest response times so that they can illuminate your area in the blink of an eye. Most LED lights come with nanosecond response times, so they are perfect for stadium fields.

Weather Resistance

Lastly, always buy those stadium LED lights which are weather resistant. No matter whether it is a runny, breezy, windy, burning hot, or cloudy day, your stadium LED lights should keep illuminating your field. Weather conditions or any environmental factors shouldn’t interrupt your programs in the stadium. By looking into these factors, you can buy the most reliable and durable Stadium LED lights for your place!



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